Wednesday, December 8, 2010

PlusSized Fashions


Okay u know its so freaking hard to find sum Funky Fresh clothing for us Big gals to wear..Unless when u do find something that finally fits and it makes us  look like one  big floral couch!!! (so Annoying) lol i would like to walk in a store and find something decent to wear that doesn’t look like my 90 yr old grandma will wear it! lol but seriously to all u Chubbster haters out there who are like “Just lose weight u pig” Shove it no ones cares what u think  Everything is better with a little Curve in it.. i dont want to be looking like a piece of wood… so anywho i found these awesome places we can find sum KickA$$ clothing! Like FOREVER21 Launched a fashion Line  called FAITH 21.. ITS AN AMAZING LINE HERE ARE SOME PICTURES OD SUM OF THERE CLOTHING HTTP://WWW.FOREVER21.COM/CATEGORY.ASP?CATALOG_NAME=FOREVER21&CATEGORY_NAME=FAITH_MAIN&PAGE=1

And dont't forget to take a look at these sites listed below for flirty and Edgy clothing!

I hope you found these links useful! Take care always Ciao xoxo <3

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