Wednesday, December 8, 2010

Retro! Vintage Girls! and loving it!

I love these Looks so much!! <3 <3 
I don;t know about you,but do you find it hard to find that one outfit thats just for you?!
Like you look everywhere and still you don't find it! Either it doesn't fit or just isn't you!?
Well for all my Retro Fashionista's out there Like Me!!!!! Who's Look Varies from Vintage to Retro to Indie to 80's chick in one week! If you are looking for a more Vintage style clothing then this is for you! If you're rocking some gorgeous curves, then this is a must-see collection. The Stefanie Bezaire range is designed specifically for sizes 12+ and features a mix of retro detailing and feminine touches. I just adore their cute and quirky style. Stefanie's colour palette for this collection  is soft rose, white and baby blue and her classic silhouettes are right on trend.. I love it!!

About Stefanie Bezaire
As a woman who has worn a size 12 since her youth, Stefanie Bezaire understands the need for fashion forward plus-size apparel. All ladies deserve cute and stylish clothing and Stefanie works with resolve to create apparel for women just like her; women who have always been disheartened with the plus size options available. Through her eponymous line, Stefanie is excited to offer the plus sized woman items that are innovative, charming and refined. She aims to inspire and delight, bringing a touch of style to women of all sizes.

If you would like to Shop this now CLICK HERE!
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